This isn't your grandfather's old pocket watch.

Look at this amazing pocket watch. Its gears and such are perfectly in sync and it keeps perfect time. All you have to do is wind it once a day and it just ticks and ticks and ticks.

Your grandfather has a digital watch. This definitely isn't your grandfather's watch.

Look at it. The face has a little crack in it. Probably from its age. It says "Elgin" on the face. That company is old as heck. This watch is probably a hundred years old. This definitely isn't your grandfather's Casio.

Grandpa makes calculatons on his watch's newfangled calculator. He calculates out a 30% tip for the waitress. You are eating at a diner. He ordered the meatloaf. You got the pancakes. It is 4:00 pm. Grandpa is tired and he's going to go take a nap after this. You are going to go home and polish your watch.

Grandpa is a good tipper, but his taste in timepieces is suspect.

This isn't your grandfather's watch with its fob on a chain. You attach it to your waistcoat and put the watch in the little pocket. Your grandfather's watch goes on his wrist. You don't throw in with all that new stuff like your grandfather does.

You call your grandpa later that night at exactly 7:00 pm. Just to make sure he got home okay and had a good nap. He did. He woke up thirty minutes before you called and made half a pot of decaf. He had set his watch's alarm function so it would wake him up. Your watch doesn't have that because it isn't your grandfather's.

Your grandfather tells you he is going to do the rest of his crossword and then maybe finish the puzzle he and grandma have been working on if she's up to it. It is a 1,000-piece image of birds. Grandpa says it is a particularly nice picture so he got some puzzle glue and is going to have it framed once it is finished. They're going to hang it next to that old cuckoo clock that doesn't work anymore in the hallway.

You finish your coversation, hang up the phone and pull your watch out of its little pocket. The hands have stopped. You forgot to wind it, you realize. But no matter. You go to bed and set the watch on your nightstand. You'll wind it in the morning. Then all the gears will spring to life again and the cycle will continue. You have a connection to the past that your grandfather will never have, all thanks to the watch.

an animated image of a pocket watch which then transitions to a wrist-style calculator watch