Day 22

I have not yet found the culprit, but I will. Mrs. Janet Wilby doesn't want me doing this, but what Mrs. Janet Wilby doesn't know is that every morning that I stand smack in the middle her shrubs with my notepad, camouflaged and hidden, surveilling the neighborhood with my eagle-sharp eyes, I come closer to finding the culprit. Mrs. Janet Wilby says I'm trampling her plants with by black combat boots. I say that some things are more important than plants. Mrs. Janet Wilby doesn't realize that her shrubs provide the best vantage point to espy culprits.

I informed her that she was obstructing justice.

Day 23

I saw him! Right as Mrs. Janet Wilby was fetching her broom to forcibly remove me from her yard, I saw him. He was at the patterson's house across the street, crouching behind the railing of their covered porch. He was dressed in black and had a black mask over his eyes, and he was carrying a sack that was fluttering in the wind (he probably had yet to fill it with the Patterson's valuables).

Mrs. Janey Wilby said my eyes must be terrible because all she saw was a cat sitting on the porch railing and the Patterson's Mizzou flag. I informed her that my avian eyes are just fine, thank you, and that if my eyes are bad then hers must be completely useless due to their very advanced age.

By the time I had extricated myself from the shrubs, the culprit had fled. I saw him dart away, too quick for pursuit, and looking very much shorter than he had looked earlier.

I thanked Mrs. Janet Wilby very much for her role in the culprit's escape.

Day 24

This morning, after much pointless arguing with Mrs. Janet Wilby, I moved to the Smith's shrubs. I did not see the culprit.

Does Mrs. Janet Wilby have nothing better to do than suspiciously guard her shrubs and shoot me dirty looks? This is very suspect behaviour from a known obstructor of justice.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.