This was not meant for anybody to see.

I took great precautions to make sure that this was never revealed.

I wrote these words in a notebook with a pencil. I drove to a secluded spot next to a rocky outcrop, under the cover of dark. I made a small fire with some twigs and leaves and then burned the notebook until it was nothing but gray, powdery ash. I then dug a hole three feet deep and scooped the ashes into the hole. I filled the hole with the earth that I had removed and rolled some nearby rocks on top until the whole scene looked quite natural.

Driving back, I made a detour to the quarry. I exited my vehicle and placed a rock on its accelerator, causing the car to drive over the edge and into the dark water below. With a splash, the water took the car under its surface and I watched until the water became still again. I made my way back to my home on foot by traveling carefully through the woods, sweeping away my footprints as I trekked.

I never told anyone about these words or what I had done.

So it is impossible that anybody should be reading this. I can rest easy knowing that these words will never be seen.